For the Birds

While winter is away and summer is here to play, I’m all about gardening! Love it and can’t quite get enough of it. I enjoy taking care of our plants and grasses and delight in seeing all the little critters that show themselves during the warm season. Caterpillars, butterflies, birds, squirrels (grr…), rabbits (also grr.), hummingbirds, dragonflies, butterfly moths, regular ol’ moths, worms and insects. It’s quite a zoo out there when you take a moment and observe.

Sweet little birds come to visit us in late spring and have a couple “chosen” areas where they take wood strips. Pretty sure it’s to help with building their nests. And while I’m all for birds having nests and things to build them with: please do that with pieces of our home. Just sayin, birdie.

So this project is for the birds. 100%. Take my offerings, use them for your home, eat ’em, . . .just stop with the home wood stripping.

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