…designs with whimsy
…designs with whimsy

Sequin Tree

One of my favorite types of vintage decor is bead & sequin ornaments. There’s something about them that evokes “way back” memories of early childhood, especially around Christmas time.

When a friend let go of a bunch of crafty supplies in storage, I took in a few styrofoam cones along with some corsage pins. They sat around for a couple of years in a dark corner until this project came about.

To give the plan styrofoam cones a facelift, I decided to use what I had: the friend’s castoff crafting supplies and my own stockpile, which happened to include an iridescent blue color of sequins. I opted for a wintry tree vibe. Good thing I started the blue at the top; there weren’t enough blue sequins to use, so I switched to white, which made the wintry tree have snow at the base.

Supplies: styrofoam (any shape you want), sequins (color/size you desire), pins (I used plain ones + corsage pins).