…designs with whimsy
…designs with whimsy


Hey there, I’m Laura
(a.k.a. Snickles to some).

I am exploring my creative self through different media and want to document my adventures in crafting + share with others. I hope you enjoy following along.

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What’s that funny looking doodle face?

My mom made that. My aunt did, too. Since my early childhood days, their notes and letters would often include this cute and girly doodle face. It’s Snickles! Snickles–to me–is upbeat, friendly, whimsical, and brings cheer. Thus the name of my online shop: SnickleShop.

One of my nicknames is Snicklefritz. (What are the others? Ha! Fat chance. That’s why this page isn’t entitled All About Me.)

“Originally used in Pennsylvania Dutch Country, where Snicklefritz is
an affectionate name for a mischievous or overly talkative child.”

Hmm. 🙂