…designs with whimsy
…designs with whimsy

Framed Photo Display

I’ve been seeing different versions of the same crafty thing lately: large frame + some wiring that allows multiple pictures to be hung within the framed space. No matting or glass necessary. Simple. Straightforward. I could do that.

This time, I had both Aunt S. and Mama Linda at my side. It helped a lot, as it seemed like multiple hands were needed at the same time!

Supplies: extra large frame (even better if it’s found on clearance or at a garage/estate sale), wire (too pliable and it won’t hold well; too rigid and it isn’t easy to work with), wire cutters, staple gun

First, we decided where the frame should be and how it should hang (so we knew which way to string the wire).

Then we strung wire across the back of the frame. We affixed the wire with a staple, then wound the wire tight and re-stapled it into position.

After we secured the wires, we affixed a frame hanger to the back and voilĂ  – a framed photo display was born. 🙂