…designs with whimsy
…designs with whimsy

Privacy Window Film

Privacy alert!! We like ours, and occasionally we’ll find little adjustments to make in this arena.

Waaaaaay back in 2015, I discovered static cling privacy window film. After this much time has passed, I seriously can’t remember how I stumbled upon the stuff. Doesn’t matter; this stuff has proven to be a window privacy problem-solving revelation!

Installing the window film was a game changer in each bathroom. We didn’t have to use the blinds anymore and all that daylight could come into the house without exposing us.

Solyx privacy window film to the rescue.

In a recent fit of rearranging, we discovered a privacy faux pas: a direct sight line from the front door to the couch. Not desirable when hanging out (any time of day, really). Plus, super creepy at night when sitting on the couch myself. I kept looking over, halfway expecting to see Pennywise to jump into view – eew.

First I made a paper template from the window panes in the front door. Luckily each of the four panes was basically the same shape.

Supplies: thick/rigid paper for template, privacy window film, X-ACTO knife, spray bottle (water inside), squeegee, paper towels

I used the one scrap piece of privacy film, so I knew from the get-go that the overall design of our film would not line up in the same way for each pane. I’m okay with that; privacy is the point and now much am I going to pay attention to our front door window panes?
(Answer: not much.) Let. It. Go.

a BIG difference!

What a massive improvement!

A closeup of our film design: Pixels.