…designs with whimsy
…designs with whimsy

Luggage ID

It’s confusing to pick one’s luggage out from a carousel full of similar suitcases. And trust me when I say: if you pick the wrong one by accident, it can lead to awkward situations. 🙂 After a recent trip, I decided something had to change!

The easiest way I could think of to customize my suitcase was to spray paint it. I chose a simple design that’s easy to spot and spray painted the lotus design on multiple sides. The suitcase is dark blue, so I used silver fabric spray paint.

Lesson Learned: use a temporary spray adhesive on the underside of the stencil. That will help the stencil stay in place which makes the design’s edges more crisp and defined.

A little while later…

March 2018 update: While preparing for a trip of a lifetime…with Mama Linda…to Africa (squeal!), I realized the same scenario might happen. We were told to use soft-sided bags issued by the tour company and I figured most people might have a ribbon or unique ID tag on theirs. The lotus design on my suitcase helps tons so why wouldn’t it also work for this canvas thing they sent us? I grabbed both bags one afternoon and used Posco paint markers to modify our bags just a smidge: