…designs with whimsy
…designs with whimsy

Mood Fabrics – NYC

Couldn’t resist an opportunity to travel. This time it was to New York City’s Manhattan borough. Work required BabaJ to be there about a week, so I joined in on the tail end of his time there to overlap and enjoy a weekend in the city together.

I’ve always been curious about NYC and what it’s really like. Would I see any vegetation or would it be a concrete jungle? Would I feel safe? Would I successfully be able to negotiate my first ever Uber ride from the airport? What sort of fashions would I see? But more than anything else, I wondered what it was like to experience Mood Fabrics in the Garment District. Queue the Project Runway intro music!

Season 1 winner: Jay Mccarroll
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Project Runway Season 1
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As an aside: the most surprising thing (to me) about visiting Mood was that the entrance was not street level. Had I been paying über serious attention while watching Project Runway, I might’ve gone there knowing this. Oh well – leave it to me to be in shock and awe as we went into a building and took an elevator up to Mood’s entrance.

Besides wanting to experience Mood and meet Swatch, I also had a couple of things on my dream shopping list: chartreuse linen and (hopefully) printed cotton jersey. But once I stepped foot inside Mood’s domain, I went a little nuts-in-the-head. Bonkers! Berserk!! It really was sensory overload of countless bolts, innumerable colors, and myriad textiles.

all at once happy and guilty

I left with ~15 pounds of fabric…which we then hauled – on foot – 5 miles back to our hotel in the Financial District. Good little fabric soldiers. 🙂

Oh, and I nearly forgot: “Thank you, Mood!”