…designs with whimsy
…designs with whimsy


This thick mushroom knit was so luxurious and soft feeling. I thought it would make for a comfortable scarf. Scallop stenciling at each end to add some sophistication and a bright teal on the opposite side to add a necessary pop of color.

Lessons Learned:

(AKA: things I learned so you might not have to)

1. I nicked a hole into the thin teal fabric when cutting the scallops out. Take it from me: do NOT use Japanese thread snips to cut stenciled designs out. Bad, bad, BAD idea!

my estate sale thread snips
FYI: the leather cover you see here was handmade by SekiWorks on Etsy

2. Try to prepare your surfaces/environment well before spray painting with a stencil. I did not, which is why the black scallop stencil will live on our patio for years to come. Photo of that to come. 🙂

. . .

That said, this little snafu has given me inspiration to purposefully spray paint a design onto our concrete patio. –Ooh, a future project! — See? Imperfection can bring about great things.

Pattern Name/No., Sourcescarf, SnickleShop
Fabrictop: mushroom terry knit blend
bottom: teal synthetic knit
Embellishmentscallop stencil at both ends
Custom Notesblack fabric spray paint for stencil