…designs with whimsy
…designs with whimsy


While attending university, I purchased a Brother sewing machine at Costco. That thing had a forever half-life and could muscle its way through ANY fabric combination and thickness I threw at it. I liked its tenacity; however, I wanted something with a little more precision.

Eventually I settled on getting a Pfaff machine. Besides mending a lot right away, I also took a class on classic quiltmaking. I learned a lot from the class: became familiar with my Pfaff, learned how to make classic quilt designs, and determined that this type of sewing isn’t 100% what I’m after. So I have a feeling my sewing projects will evolve to something else over time.

Anyhow, the quilts pictured below are closely based on then log cabin pattern and took time and precision to make.

Keiko’s quilt was especially meaningful to make. I had a high school/college friend (her son) die in a motorcycle accident. We dated for years and I hung onto various mementos from those times. Making a quilt seemed like a good way to incorporate those items and memories into making something new to give Keiko as a way to memorialize him.