…designs with whimsy
…designs with whimsy

Wedding Swag

My brother recently married the love of his life: Jeney. Theirs was such an easy wedding celebration to enjoy!

Jeney sourced dinnerware, lighting, signage, and decor from Craigslist; made DIY bouquets for herself and the bridesmaids; and added on loads more personalized touches.

Enter some homespun wedding swag. Jeney sent me and Mama Linda fabric swatches of the wedding color: medium blue. We set out to make wedding banners with her colors in mind that would add handmade flavor and a bit of sparkle.

I think they turned out swell:

As did the couple:

Jeney and Adam’s wedding – 2017.
(photo credit: this and the above 3 pictures – Grupp and Rose Photography)

Update: it’s 2+ years later and the banner is still with them!